RPCK’s first FlexCo formation

January 18, 2024

Today we formed our first FlexCo!

The founder was none other than our client Gerald Hörhan, also known as “Investmentpunk”, famous for his contribution to financial literacy through his books (most recently: Der Einzimmer-Millionär), the Investmentpunk Academy and his Dealmaking Masterclasses (DMMC).

Keyvan Rastegar has been supporting his educational program for years, not only through the DMMC but also through online seminars and live Q&A sessions on social media. Next up: Keyvan Rastegar’s presentation at the DMMC 24 in Frankfurt on March 2.

This FlexCo already uses the new structuring options including creating shares and share classes including company value shares (UWA).

Keyvan Rastegar is one of the leading experts on this new corporate entity type, the “Flexible Company” (FlexCo), and was a key figure in its legislative process. Together with Katharina Rastegar and Rahim Rastegar, he is editor and co-author of the FlexKapGG-ON commentary published by Manz Verlag.

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