FlexKapGG-ON: The first commentary on the FlexCo

February 19, 2024

Finally! We are delighted to announce the publication of the first commentary on the new law, the FlexKapGG-ON, edited by Keyvan Rastegar, Katharina Rastegar and Rahim Rastegar.

Keyvan Rastegar is one of the leading experts on the new legal form “Flexible Company” (FlexCo) and was a key figure in its legislative process.

The new corporate entity form marks a historic event in Austria, with the last comparable event over 100 years ago (GmbH, 1906).

The kick-off for the commentary was less than 9 months ago. Thanks to the collective efforts of the authors, MANZ Verlag published it online on February 3, 2024, and now it is available in print since February 13, 2024.

The FlexKapGG-ON features contributions by Georg Adler, Iris Borns, Katharina Dabernig, Pablo Essenther, Wendelin Ettmayer, Nora Frizberg, Heinrich Foglar-Deinhardstein, Mario Gall, Martin Gelter, Petra Hondl, Clara Messner-Kreuzbauer, Nora Michtner, Elke Napokoj, Julia Nicolussi, Michaela Pelinka, Katharina Rastegar, Keyvan Rastegar, Rahim Rastegar, Christoph Schmetterer, Paul Schörghofer, Julia Told, Daniel Varro und Kathrin Weber.

Keyvan Rastegar is also the chair of the MANZ annual conference “Flexible Corporate Law” on March 13, 2024, followed by a tour in the Austrian Parliament by Members of Parliament Elisabeth Götze and Peter Haubner and the presentation of the commentary in the evening.

RPCK congratulates all authors, and we are proud to be represented by our excellent lawyers in such significant reforms.

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