5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Stephan Reisenberger

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May 3, 2023

What brought you to RPCK? Why did you decide to join RPCK?

I always knew that I wanted to work in a law firm after my studies and my work as a university assistant. That’s why I started looking for the ideal associate position at an early stage. Already during my studies, I was most interested in business-related areas of law. Therefore, it was important for me to find a law firm that deals with business relevant topics, which is clearly the case at RPCK.

Short decision-making paths and a direct approach to tasks make it easier to work and learn. At the same time, I attach great importance to an appreciative working environment, even during challenging phases of work. When I first interviewed with the firm, it was already clear to me that I would find all of this at RPCK. This made the decision to become part of the team very easy for me.

What are the main areas you will focus on and why do you want to specialize in these areas of law?

I will focus on corporate law, venture capital, private equity and litigation. The high commercial relevance of these areas and the variety are what makes them particularly exciting for me. At the same time, I have always been interested in problems at the interface between civil and public law. This pays off especially in larger, interdisciplinary matters. I would also like to further expand my knowledge and skills in this area.

I also appreciate that I am involved in litigation matters, which require strategic planning of individual procedural steps. The best substantive reasoning is of limited use if the procedural implementation is not efficient. The ideal training for me as an associate therefore includes the working on substantive legal content and its practical implementation in the proceedings in equal measure. This is exactly what the focus of my work at RPCK offers me.

What are you most looking forward to in your future at RPCK?

I am looking forward to learning the working methods of experienced attorneys. Working in an open and helpful team is ideal for this.

I am also looking forward to interesting, challenging cases and working with a wide variety of clients. It motivates me a lot to see the positive effects of my work on the individual case and to see a matter through until its finalized.

Last but not least, I am looking forward to taking on more and more tasks and responsibility as my education progresses and to growing with the challenges.

Why did you decide to become an attorney? As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always enjoyed representing points of view and making arguments for them, whether they were my own or those of others. Being an attorney gives you the chance to work with a lot of different people. You can also make a positive impact on the lives of others by finding solutions to their problems. At the same time, you take on a great responsibility to your clients because they rely on the attorney’s legal and social skills. All of this is what makes being an attorney so appealing to me.

I already wanted to pursue a legal career as a child because I have always found it fascinating how much law determines society and the lives of individuals. Whether and how we can exercise our subjective freedom is determined by laws in the broadest sense. At that time, however, I could not yet decide which legal profession I would pursue one day. Towards the end of my school years and at the latest during my first internship at a law firm during my studies, I realized that being an attorney offered me the most freedom and challenges at the same time. The combination of a constant incentive to improve in one’s work while enjoying individual freedom is, in my opinion, one of the greatest advantages of being an attorney. This was also a decisive factor in my decision to pursue this educational path.

What were the most difficult challenges you had to overcome in your career so far?

Even during my master’s studies, I worked around 20, and at times even 25 hours a week alongside my studies. That wasn’t always easy to organize, especially when it came to meeting the university attendance requirements and not losing time in my studies. Despite these challenges, I was already keen to gain as much work experience as possible, and unexpected synergies between studying and working often emerged.

The most difficult challenge so far has been to complete my doctoral studies as quickly as possible while already working. My own ambition regarding the scope and quality of the work cost me quite a bit of effort in the end. The final phase of the doctorate also coincided with my first months at RPCK. Settling into the new work structures and at the same time completing the dissertation was certainly the biggest challenge for me so far. I was all the more relieved when this project was successfully completed.

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