Zoma Capital and Encourage Capital launch Pescador Holdings, First Ever Sustainable Seafood Holding Company

August 18, 2017

RPCK client Zoma Capital, the family office of Ben and Lucy Ana Walton, has provided a $10 million seed investment into Pescador Holdings, LLC, an innovative holding company vehicle focused on advancing sustainable seafood practices.

In connection with the transaction, Pescador Holdings acquired a stake in Geomar,  a vertically integrated seafood company based in Santiago, Chile, which works with more than 700 small fishers and then transports and cans the products for sale to retail distributors.

Melissa Cheong, Zoma’s chief investment officer said in a statement that Pescador’s strategy “will allow companies and ecosystems to meet their full financial and productivity potential by aligning the time frame of investments with the time frame of sustainably managed biological systems.”

RPCK’s team was led by Chintan Panchal, working with associates Josh Teitelbaum and Adhiti Gupta.  Press coverage can be found here.

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