Growth, mid-sized and portfolio companies have unique legal needs, ranging from complex deal structuring to assessing risk and resolving disputes to negotiating business agreements. We provide the key services of an expert General Counsel to companies who either do not have the need or the budget for a full-time staff of attorneys, but who recognize the unique value of having a dedicated GC.

In particular, we:

  • Handle routine and “everyday” legal matters in close coordination with the management team.
  • Advise management on the legal aspects of the business and management-level strategic decisions.
  • Actively considering and uncovering legal risk inherent in the business, and managing those risks.
  • Determining when outside specialists (law firms) need to be consulted, and identifying the best specialist for the job.
  • Drive legal strategy and manage costs when outside firms are retained.

General Counsel Services.  We also have significant experience acting as “outside general counsel” to a number of emerging and growth companies, investment funds and established legal departments of Fortune 500 companies through our customized services.

We work with clients across a broad range of industries, including:

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Education
  • Energy & Clean Tech
  • Fashion Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Food Service/Restaurants
  • Healthcare Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Technology
  • Web Services

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